"Based on the research of
Adelbert Moore, Jr. and
Dr. Travis B. Reese"

Our Ancestors, Contemporaries, & Descendants

Halbersma Family Spring 1950
Moore Family Christmas 1950
Lou Ella Sweeten Living Mary Benezet Moore Elizabeth Louise Halbersma Moore Living Harry Adelbert Moore Jr. Harry Adelbert Moore Henrietta Moore
Jennie Jensen & Martin Halbersma
Mary Benezet Moore & Harry Adelbert Moore
Harvin&Mattie June 1959 />  </center></td>
<td> <width=
Mattie Belle Miller & Harvin Reese

What's Happening'

...the latest family news...from near and far!

Feb 27, 2010: New Web Site Feature!
A new feature has just been added. You can now view the descendants of any person through a "Tree" view. On the individual page for any person, you will see a link named "Tree" - select that link and you can see their descendants. Enjoy!

Feb 09, 2010: Updating the Jansen's
I have spent the last week or so inputting the Jansen family - my grandmother Halbersma's 8 brothers and sisters and their families. I now have a much better idea who the Eggebeens are and how we are related to former major leauge pitcher Dick Bosman.

Jan 24, 2010: New Grave Photos!
Mary Dees went to the Milam County cemetaries (Liberty, Marlow, North Elm) in late January - new photos are posted.

Oct 11, 2009: Welcome!
This site contains the family trees of multiple families: Moore, Halbersma, Reese, Dees, Stefany, Glinka ... a very extended family. The purpose of this site is to make genealogy information relevant to younger members of the family and easily accessible to all ages.

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