This website is designed to tell an ongoing story about the quest for an extended family to see the U.S. National Parks.

Sometimes this quest gets confused for a competition ...

Let's meet this family!

Vivian (one of four sisters) started this pursuit - somewhere in the late 1990's. She and her family went on many summer vacations which usually included driving across the country. Vivian is a meticulous planner. Now that her kids are older, those long driving vacations include her two sisters instead of her kids.
Mary (another sister) joined this pursuit much later - and made it more of a competition: first by creating a spreadsheet and then turning the spreadsheet into the website. Mary bought her first National Park Passport Book in 2012 - thus spotting Vivian about a 15 year headstart. Mary has done a few driving vacations of her own but there is no detailed planning unless Vivian is along.
Andrew is the oldest of Vivian's three sons and the only one who has an interest in this pursuit. He has the benefit of those childhood trips but also has voluntarily collected stamps as an adult.
Janet (another sister) was the last to get a National Park Passport Book. She has limited motivation for these stamps but she is on many of the trips in the last few years and has decided she might as well join the fray. Plus that is all Mary and Vivian talk about so she has decided to be part of the conversation
Linda (yet another sister) got her stamp book while traveling with Mary on a spring traing trip in Arizona one year. She lives on the East Coast and has access to all those stamps in Philadelphia and our nation's capital but she is not driven to collect or to compete. But if we are on a trip, she will bring her National Park Passport Book also.

Now let's try to remember the trips and the people:

Date Places Description
Aug 2008 Acadia NP
People: Vivian, Jay, Andrew, Thomas, John, Mary, Jeff, Taylor, Trenton
Aug 2009 Yellowstone NP Vivian and family drove out to Yellowstone via ????. Mary and family flew to Salt Lake City and drove to Yellowstone. Janet and family ???
People: Vivian, Jay, Andrew, Thomas, John, Mary, Jeff, Taylor, Trenton, Janet, Steve, Bess, Susan
Aug 2012 Seattle
Alaskan Cruise for Vivian and Jay's 30th Wedding Anniversary.
People: Vivian, Jay, Andrew, Thomas, John, Mary, Jeff, Taylor, Trenton, Janet, Steve, Bess, Susan
Dec 2013 TX
Driving trip for Mary to visit Harry and Linda in Kingman
People: Mary, Vivian, Harry, Linda W
Mar 2014 Phoenix Spring Training trip - found a few National Parks between games. Linda got her Passport Book on this trip.
People: Mary, Linda, Harry, Linda W, Janet
Jun 2014 Midwest Pokemon Tournament: drove all over the Midwest. 2nd trip - apparently we forgot our stamp books on the first trip
People: Mary, Trenton
Oct 2014 TX-IA Estate business with Jordan in IA - toured Arkansas for two days on the way
People: Mary, Jordan, Shirley
Dec 2014 NV-CA-AZ Mary flew to Las Vegas. Drove to Oxnard to spend Christmas with Janet and family. Met Harry and Linda in SD for football bowl game. Drove back to Kingman and spent New Years with Harry and Linda in Las Vegas.
People: Mary, Jordan, Shirley
Jan 2015 AL,MS USNS Trenton Christening in Mobile. Apparently Vivian brought her stamp book and Mary did not. There are a lot of stamps in Gulf Shores NP.
People: Jay, Vivian, Trenton, Mary
Jan 2015 Pittsburgh Vivian drove with Susan for post-doc interview in western PA.
People: Vivian, Susan
Feb 2015 PA-NJ You can go home again. Mary visited Linda and Adrienne - went to Philly and got a treasure trove of stamps. Philly has the worst quality stamps of anywhere.
People: Linda, Mary, Adrienne
May 2015 MD Mary flew to MD for Andrew's college graduation. Vivian found the real treasure trove of stamps in a park headquarter's building. So, no, we have not been to all those places in MD-DC-VA. But we have the stamps. We actually did go to Fort McHenry the day before.
People: Vivian, Mary, Andrew
Jun 2015 TX-IA More estate business: Mary visited Jordan and Shirley in IA and found one stamp in KS on the way back.
People: Mary, Jordan, Shirley
Jul 2015 TX-IN Mary visited Indiana with Ken and girls. We found a stamp in IN and a couple on the way back
People: Mary, Ken, Rachel, Crystal
Jul 2015 St. Paul, MN Mary and Janet flew to St. Paul to setup Susan's apartment
People: Janet, Mary
Aug 2015 TX-CO Mary vacationed in Breckinridge with Ken's family - not really a stamp-hunting trip but those signs just show up!
People: Mary, Ken, Rachel, Crystal
Aug 2016 St. Paul, MN
Portland, OR
Flew to MSP to drive Susan's car back to Portland. It did not take three of us to drive one car but it took three of us to make it fun! Drove through NW US - Glacier NP, Pipestone NM, Devil's Tower, Custer's Last Stand, Whitman NHS
People: Janet, Mary, Vivian
Oct 2016 Atlanta Visited Thomas - watched Ga. Tech and Texans football games. Saw cemeteries and MLK home
People: Mary, Vivian, Ken, Thomas
Oct 2016 Rocky Mountains Hiking trip in Rocky Mountains
People: Mary, Donna
Nov 2016 Bisbee Mary and Janet visited Harry and Linda in Bisbee.
People: Janet, Mary, Harry, Linda W
Jul 2017 TX-IA Driving Trip to visit Jordan
People: Mary, Trenton
Apr 2017 Corpus Christi Mary spent a weekend in Corpus with Ken's family - another one stamp trip.
People: Mary, Ken, Rachel, Crystal
Aug 2017 MX-Canada The 3 Sisters drove from SD to MX to Canada to LA - stopping to see Braedon, Susan and Sean.
People: Mary, Vivian, Janet
June 2018 Arizona The Stefany Family toured Arizona
People: Vivian, Jay, Andrew, John